Renovation Project Portfolio

NAS Jacksonville – Building 852 Interior Renovations

Project Description

CYE was awarded the contract to renovate the interior spaces of several offices, restrooms, utility spaces and an entryway in Building 852 at NAS Jacksonville.  Renovation work included moving walls, updating and installing new electrical, installing new flooring and installing new millwork (cabinetry) in the offices.  New restrooms were added with ADA compliant facilities and existing restrooms were upgraded with the new standards.  All HVAC and fire protection systems were reconfigured for the new and modified spaces.

CYE received high praise from the customer with an overall “above average” rating.  The facilities director was very pleased and commented that CYE performance was “nothing less than outstanding.” CYE accommodated the customer’s evolving funding requirements and changes in scope. CYE finished well within schedule and exceeded the end user’s expectations.

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